All BN Ranch turkeys are truly free-range and are raised to the very highest standards in an environmentally responsible manner to produce the highest quality meat.

 Niman holding a heritage turkey from his breeding flock in Bolinas, CA.

Niman holding a heritage turkey from his breeding flock in Bolinas, CA.

All of our turkey is:

  • free-range, with unrestricted access to the outdoors
  • slow-growing, with a long, healthy outdoor lifespan
  • fed a vegetarian diet
  • responsibly raised and handled
  • enabled to express natural behaviors
  • not given sub-therapeutic antibiotics

Our practice creates great-tasting, wholesome and responsibly-raised poultry. Our turkeys are cared for to the last detail, with a low-stress environment, access to fresh feed and water at all times, unrestricted outdoor access and plenty of direct contact with their caretakers to make sure the turkeys are happy, healthy and nurtured. We are dedicated to harvesting turkeys in peak condition, after a gradual growth period that not only defines the muscle texture and taste, but also provides a nurturing environment.



Poultry marketed as “free-range” is required to have access to the outdoors. Unfortunately, this standard does not consider length of time with outdoor access, outdoor space environment, or crowding. Our standards go well beyond just access to the outdoors.  Our free-range turkeys are housed in spacious barns at low stocking densities. From birth to six weeks of age, our turkeys grow in a nurturing and attentive environment while learning to express their natural behaviors. After six to eight weeks of age and throughout the rest of their lives, they have unrestricted access to pasture: the barn popholes open to grass and dirt spaces of equal or greater size than the barns.

Our turkeys are free to roam indoors and outdoors where they can graze, roost, and forage as they please.



Our heritage breeding flock came directly from Frank Reese, an internationally recognized pioneer in the preservation of heritage breeds. These turkeys have the genetic capacity for a long outdoor life span and develop at a naturally slow growth rate.



We never use antibiotics sub-therapeutically -- to promote growth in healthy turkeys. In fact, we feed our turkeys a slow-growth diet that reduces the pressure on their growing bodies. Furthermore, with low stocking densities and small flocks, we strive to provide our turkeys with the right environment to lead the most comfortable lives, keeping them happy and healthy. We support the appropriate use of antibiotics—meaning the therapeutic use of antibiotics to cure a sick animal. We never use hormones in raising our turkeys, a practice that the USDA does not permit in any poultry production.