We’re committed to building healthy, responsible, environmentally regenerative, high-quality food systems for best-in-season beef and poultry. We believe that responsible animal husbandry driven by nature, and attentive land stewardship are crucial in this pursuit.


Responsible Animal Husbandry

We take a holistic approach to our treatment of animals, striving to do what is best for each individual animal throughout their lives. Our most important strategy for keeping our animals healthy is that they grow, eat and mate naturally, in line with their particular needs and instincts. We provide them wholesome forages, plenty of exercise, sunshine, fresh air, and low-stress living conditions.


Best-in-Season Flavor

Our commitment to harvesting animals only in peak condition, following the wisdom of the seasons, based on temperatures, sunlight and rainfall, yields flavorful grass-fed beef. Our cattle spend all of their days foraging on pastures and rangelands and are brought to market when grasses are at their highest nutrition, and the cattle are naturally mature.  This leads to consistently delicious meat.


Land Stewardship

We consider it essential that animals be raised where they ecologically belong, with more focus on proper “locale” than on “local.” For millions of years, the earth has had large natural open areas optimal for grazing animals but ecologically inappropriate for crop production.  Good grazing practices actually improve soil fertility and biology, boost soil’s water-holding capacity, reduce soil erosion, and increase carbon sequestration.  These practices include powering parts of our ranch with solar energy and using manure as fertilizer in local orchards and pastures.